Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Day Of My Birth

My birthday was on Sunday. It sort of just came and went without making much of a fuss. I must say, birthdays have gotten much less exciting since my childhood. And that's a little sad, seeing as my family was never very big on birthdays. I can only remember two birthdays where non-family members were invited...and there were presents at only one of them. My mother insisted that it would be incredibly rude to ASK people to bring you presents. So instead she told me to ask them NOT to bring presents. That being said, I still felt special. I was always allowed to choose a special birthday meal, we always did something out of the ordinary to celebrate, and my family members always gave me a few great gifts.

This year, I received all three of those things, but the magic was gone. I guess that's just what happens when you grow up. Maybe that's why so many adults love's one of the few remaining places you can go to feel just as carefree and optimistic as you did when you were a kid. Although, even as I was typing that last sentence, all I could think about was how far of a drive Disneyland would be...not to mention expensive. I really am an old lady!

All negativity aside, my husband treated me to a delicious dinner at Texas Roadhouse on Friday. This might be our new favorite restaurant. We usually share when we eat out at "sit down" restaurants, but since it was a special occasion, we went all out. I ordered the salmon, Huzbee ordered a steak, and it was about $25 including the tip. Not bad, eh? And it was oh so taystay. Then on Saturday we went to the drive-in movie. Even though the sound was terrible and the picture was fuzzy, it was so so fun. I love drive-in movies. I never knew I was a "movie talker" until I started going to them. We get to talk through the whole thing and nobody gives us a dirty look! And when we got home, it was officially my birthday since it was after midnight. I couldn't wait any longer for my gift! My husband's sorta famous for last minute gifting, but this time he already had it two months in advance. It was a beautiful necklace. A single black freshwater pearl on a teeny tiny chain. A perfect match for the earrings he gave me on Valentine's Day. Is he the best, or what?!

So, although there were no banners or brightly wrapped boxes or three layer cakes, I'd say this year's birthday was a success.

Real life proof that I had a real life party, presents and all! (Sorry for the's a picture of a picture)

A Blog Is Born

So...I have officially decided that:

A: Facebook is driving me crazy
B: I need a creative outlet
C: I'd like to help friends and family know what is going on in my life!

Therefore, this blog was born. I will use it to educate the masses. (Or just drone on and on about my uninteresting life so that old friends and acquaintances can learn waaaay more than they ever wanted to know about me...that's what blogs are for, right?!) Anyway, I'll start with a summary of my entire life, to date. Okay okay okay, just kidding. Just the past two years...

I married the most amazingly hilarious, smart, kind, handsome, spiritual, patient....etc in July of 2011. Since then, I have discovered that we are more MFEO than I could have ever imagined. We have had all sorts of adventures. We have traveled across the United States. We have met wonderful people. We have built dreams and watched them fall. We have seen unimaginable blessings. And we are just beginning! Oh, what marvelous light!

Up to speed? No? Let me give you a little more background. (If you have already soaked up more information than you cared to know, you may want to skip the next paragraph or so) In the course of our short two years of marriage, we have experienced much heartache. Two miscarriages, pesky health problems, frustrating college life (school is for fooools!), and the never ending financial roller-coaster that accompanies all of the aforementioned struggles. But we have also experienced such joy as to blot out any trace of darkness and doubt. There is no joy brighter than a companionship so strong that you cannot (and do not wish to) remember your life before it. When I said we were MFEO earlier, I was seriously serious.

So, I hope you all enjoy reading about how awesome my husband is. Because there will be a lot of that. There will also be the occasional update about the recent happenings in our life. Perhaps even the occasional photograph, if we ever find the battery charger for our camera.

Thanks for readin' :)